Beer Is Labor

It really is...

It really is...

So much has happened since the last post it would be futile to try and cover it all. On the one hand, it’s been more slow-going than we had hoped – not surprising given the magnitude of the project and the number of stakeholders, permits, details, approvals and costs involved – but on the other, it now feels like things are happening with lightning-speed as our train hurtles down the tracks towards opening – planned for later this summer.

Amidst the hustle & bustle, here are a few big developments worth mentioning:

- We welcomed three new employees: Peter (head brewer), Jarrod (sales manager) and Steven (taproom manager)

- We got our ABC license - and can now legally brew and sell beer in the state of California

- Our fermenters arrived - so we now have vessels for fermenting the beer

- Construction began on the taproom, scullery, lab, and bathrooms

- Ts & caps are on sale now! (check the “Shop” tab) 

The tagline on the back of our shirts, “Beer Is Labor,” pretty much sums it up. We’ve heard it stated that running a brewery is 10% brewing and 90% other stuff; and we'd say that opening a brewery is closer to 99% other stuff. The labor involved – physical, mental, emotional – can be exhausting; good thing we’re still having fun!

Looking forward to nudging that brewing part back up to 10%, and to sharing a beer with y’all. Stay tuned…