Supply and Demand — We Demand Quality


Hey East Brother drinkers!

You may have noticed some activity at the brewery lately. We're installing new fermenters! It's been a lot of work and long hours, but we're excited to make more of the beers you already love and explore some new recipes as well. 

We've gotten a few questions over the bar and online asking when certain beers might be back in stock, and if we're going to continue to expand our self-distribution network. We'll certainly try to keep you informed as we do! You should sign up for our newsletter — it's the best way to keep up to date. 

Trust us, we'd love to get our beer into your hands more often. It's pretty much our goal in life. But as we're quite small still (not even a year old) and we want to grow slow and steady to ensure we're always improving things along the way, we probably won't be meeting demand anytime soon. 

So you might see some out-of-stocks at the taproom or at your local beer store in between batches. But rest assured, our goal is to brew the best quality beer we can make, and get it to as many people as possible, while also ensuring we're growing at a sustainable pace. We want to be around for a long, long time. 

Good news is that we recently released a new taproom exclusive - our seasonal English Warmer - and as of today our fan-favorite Wheat IPA is back on tap!

With pride and purpose,
Chris + Rob