Classic Beers, Cars & Tunes

East Brother Car Show 009.jpg

On the last Sunday in August, we held our 1st annual “Summer Classic.” As with many projects we’ve undertaken, this one started off as a fairly modest idea: to utilize all of the outdoor (and parking) space we have here, bring in a few classic cars, maybe a live band, and enjoy a few beers on a summer day.

But like many aspects of brewing beer, sometimes you start to have fun and get ambitious! We ended up with 3 live bands, 3 food trucks, a bevy of Richmond-based vendors, and upwards of 70 classic cars lined up & down the parking lot. It was a sight to see. 

It took a lot of cooperation and work to do it. Between permits, licenses, and sign-offs from the ABC, the City of Richmond, and the Richmond Police Department (who were all without exception incredibly helpful and non-bureaucratic!), and planning – seating, fencing, tents, stages, cups, signage, and on and on – we were consumed with whacking the moles till the last possible minute. Hard to say exactly how many people showed up, but based on the number of kegs drained, it was likely in the range of 700-800. We’re blown away by the support and energy you all brought to a great day.

The cars, spanning mostly the muscle-era of the 60s and 70s were a perfect counterpart to the inspiration behind our beers: classic style! Appreciated for their timelessness, simplicity, and enduring appeal. 

By the way, our two Best in Show winners were Richard Daniel’s sweet ’67 Chevelle and Ed Santos’s ’37 Ford Roadster. Nice job guys! The three local bands – Walter Hand Band, Hot Rod Jukebox, and Mojo Alley – also fit right in, with their blends of blues, rockabilly and classic rock vibes.

Also a shoutout to Richmond Food Emporium (Richmond’s version of Off the Grid), the Point Richmond Neighborhood Council, and the Point Richmond Business Association, all of whom contributed time, resources, and sponsorships in helping make the event a success.

And just in case it’s not clear, since this was the 1st Annual Summer Classic, you can bet we’ll be doing a 2nd Annual – mark your calendars for the last Sunday in August next year!